by JoxMcRox

When I was a wee laddy a Traktor was something the crofters drove, and Serato was a type of deep fried pizza! Call me old skool but these laptop DJ’s don’t look like they’re ¬†mixing up a storm on...

Bobby McYEAH!

by JoxMcRox

Word of warning to all yee humanoid-bunny fearing folk out there! There’s freaky wee fella causing mischief, and he goes by the name of Bobby McYEAH! If you’ve gotta big red button that you don’t want pressing then watch...

Sammy McSalmon

by JoxMcRox

I was reminded of the beauty of my homeland, the Highlands, last week as I strolled along the banks of Loch McMental, and it got me thinking of how much inspiration McNature has given my musical career. I lay...

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