DJ McWannabe

by JoxMcRox

WTF! Is that Steve Angelo mixing? Could it be the Swedish Cheese Mafia DJing on imaginary Decks? No – it’s DJ McWannabe spinning on the Mc1′s&2′s, and absolutely McRockin the crowd at Slinky in Bournemouth!
Fair play to this young gun DJ cos he’s got mad skillz, and does nae even need a box of toons to rock da house. Check his work on the invisible FX machine on the pillar as he brings in the mix, but having said that the lighting guy to his right has got to show a bit more passion, and stop relying on the green laser. Where’s the strobe man, FFS!?
Whichever way you look at it DJ McWannabe is a McMentalist of the highest order, and he’s granted honorary status to the clan McMental, with DJ’s like this spinnin’ the future of McRaving is safe!
Go McMental!

DJ McWannabe rockin’ the Mc1′s & 2′s at Slinky!