Donny McGurn

by JoxMcRox

Back in the dayz of Old Skool Rave when I was burning up and down the UK motorways, spinnin ma magic box of toons to pilled up ravers nationwide, one of my top spots on route from north to south to stop was Donny Doncaster. One of the original top buzzin’ nights was BYO, and when I spun my set it really went off, BIG STYLE!
Now, I’ve been known to strut my stuff on the dance floor and throw mad shapes on the McPodi, but you gotta check this vid filmed back in the day, featuring the unmistakable rave moves of Donny McGurn, bustin his moves in front of the DJ booth, full respect to the laddy he’s going proper McMental!

Put you hands in the air for Donny McGurn!