Elro McScrambled

by JoxMcRox

After young gun rapper wee Elro released his sick mixtape Porcelain Corpse, I said ‘Elro lad, you gottee make some visuals for the stand out track, Scrabble!’ Cos this bad bwouy toon produced by Preditah featuring JME and Manga, spits lyrical madness like a deranged dictionary, so I suggested he use stop motion animation on the Scrabble board for the vid.
Well, the promo the dudes created, is like a mcmental game of scrambled Scrabble, and is totally McRockin’ JMc’s Youtube world, infact this promo reminds me of the games of Scrabble we played back in the day when we were boxed!

Elro’s Scrabble spits lyrical madness like a deranged dictionary – McScrambled!