by JoxMcRox

You better believe I’m going McFootie-mental for The Euro’s 2012. Check out this animated adventure made all about ma sel, it shows a freak accident I had while DJing aboard Pirate radio ship – McRadio Mental. Following a blow out on Deck 3 my DJ booth exploded, and I had to be fished out from the bottom of the ocean.
I was rebuilt with bionic technology, become the 6 Billion Euro football and go on to set the tournament alight, with an electric blend of soccer wizardry and Mcbangin’ power. I single-handedly take on the Rest of the World, but still find time to rap on the mic about my ability in the DJ, and Penalty Box!

6 Billion Euro Football Man Jox McRox – GOAL McMENTAL at the Euro’s 2012!

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  1. 15 June 12, 12:13pm

    [...] was a young laddy he used to come to ma gigs cos he respected McRox’s own ability in the DJ & Penalty box, and asked me if he thought he too could emulate ma greatness. Well, I saw from an early age that [...]

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