3 McBears

by JoxMcRox

If you got bairns like me, and your kids come to you saying they wanna go see the quality house DJ’s the 2 Bears, I would say ‘fair play to ya kidz’, run along and have a ball. But if they wanna go see the 3 Bears, that’s when alarm bells start ringing. I say this to you now as a quick word of warning, cos when 3 Bears go down to the disco, one of them’s a proper wrong’on!
The 2 Bears on the right are lovely Bears selling fish in their day job before DJing at night, but you see the cute looking fella hanging on the left of the picture above? Well, that wee buggers called Pedo Bear, and he ain’t gonna be lookin’ after your childs health, if you knowz what I mean, ohhhH NO!
Despite his cutesy looks, appearances can be deceptive, cos he’s a proper wrong’on and should be avoided by youngsters at all costs!
But there’s nothing to fear with the other 2 Bears, although they wanna give you a bear hug and sing these raunchy lyrics in their track Bear Hug,

I ain’t here to chirpse
Or try and lift your skirt
Let’s have a bear hug

I’ve see you ’round the bigs
And I don’t wanna feel your tits
Wanna give you a bear hug

all these cuddly fella’s want to do is rock da floor with Bangin House!

The 2 Bears playing it cool on Breakfast TV!