McBeastly Barstard!

by JoxMcRox

Now I’ve been known to use a bit of blue language in the past, but since I went main stream in the 90′s, I had to tone down the old swearing, as the the swear box was fillin’ up pretty damn quick! Bottom line I was loosing appearance fee’s fast, cos I could nae keep a civil tongue in ma head! Also, my wee bairns were growing up fast, and I did nae want them swearin’ like troopers and becoming some foul mouth neds, so I cleaned up my act and washed my mouth out with McSoap’n water.
So I was very surprised to hear this track by┬ámy old Pal SwedeMason where he samples the King of England himself from back in the day. Well blow me! Royalty have gotta a filthy tongue for real, so lets pack them off back to Hanover and get the republic started right, now! I dunnae know, I might just stand for President, cos I can McFeckin’ curse like a king, Believe!
Go McMental!

Cheers Swede Mason, well bugger to you too, McBeastly Bastard!