McBonnie Prince DJ Charlie

by JoxMcRox

While the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in London during June 2012, being entertained by Elton, Blobbie & Macca n’co, the heir to the throne, McBonnie Prince DJ Charlie, was doing some entertaining of his own!
Cos this right royal Charlie was spinnin’ a proper blend of mcmental toonage on the Mc1′s & 2′s to his adoring public, keepin’ the crowds entertained with some bangin House ‘n’ Garage!
He may be posh’n'old, but like my good sel, he knows he’s gotta move with the times, so Clarence House tweeted me and asked if I could teach Charlie some turntable tricks. Well, how could I say no? ‘Cos when you’re an old skool Mclegend like me who’s been serving the country for years, now’s the time I’m now looking to follow Billy Connolly’s lead, and seek the Royal seal of approval. Let me tell you, ya heard it here first, it won’t be long now, before Charlie says to me, arise Sir McRox of Clan McMental!

McBonnie Prince DJ Charlie spinnin’ on the Mc1′s & 2′s