McDevastatin Dave

by JoxMcRox

Back in the 80′s folk were worried about the dangers of Cocaine, so when my old pal the turntable slave, McDevastain Dave, came to me to get some ideas for a new rap track, I said to him ‘why not warn the public of the dangers of this narcotic menace with a zippity zappity rap?
Well, that was it, he took my idea and run with it, and after slaving over the turntables and writing his lyrics, the Zip Zap Rap was born!
Now, back in the day the danger with 80% pure coke was of getting hooked to the good stuff, cos that gear was pure Tony Montana strong, believe! But these days the message is lost on the kids of today, as the coke they buy is 80% baking powder! Anyway, check out this bad ass rap track that the turntable slave knocked up – pretty sick beats I think you’ll agree!

The one and only turntable slave – McDevastatin Dave!