McFunky Hakken Chicken Dance

by JoxMcRox

Oh the sweet, sweet sound of Gabber blasting out the speakers at a summer festival, is enough to warm the heart of all Techno lovers. But if you wanna dance to theses beats bouncin’ out at over 150bpm, you’re gonna need some pretty special dance moves to keep up with the pace. Well, when the Rotterdam DJ Paul Elstak created gabber back in the 80′s he wasn’t sure if the sound would take off. But knowing that McRox was a taste maker and all round influential geezer he asked me if I could help him promote his new style. ‘Nae problemo’ I said, ‘what youz need is a dance routine for the kids to copy’, cos once they know the moves they’ll love grooves!
So I created the McFunky Chicken Hakken Dance, so now after me follow this routine’

      Flap your arms,
      Clap your hands,
      Skip to the left – skip to the right
      Doff ya cap, bounce up and down
      Kick you left foot up and tap ya heel,
      Repeat and rinse out the beats!

Congratulations – your now doin’ the McFunky Chicken Hakken Dance!

Flap your arms, clap your hands n’ do the McFunky Hakken Chicken Dance!