McHola-TuPac Man!

by JoxMcRox

Now wee Kanye is not right about a lot of things, but I gotta take ma hat off to him on this one, cos he’s spot on when he says, Obi Wan had the best Hologram of all time – of ALL TIME! Even though his comparison is not strictly correct, cos Cochella Tupac was not actually a Hologram at all, but a 2D projected image onto an invisible foil screen! Which you can see in this diagram I created, that factually demonstrates that R2D2′s hologram of Obi Wan was REAL, but Tupac at Cochella was UNREAL! Believe.

Mind you, the kids at Cochella will nae give a feck, cos they can nae remember Tupac from back in the day. Unlike me who was privileged enough to witness the rap legend perform in the flesh, spittin’ mad rhymes over gangsta beats in a south central LA hip hop spot. So perhaps they feel lucky just to see a fake Tupac Hologram – I was just glad they did not end the show with Uzi’s blazin’ in a Hologram drive by!

Hola at the fake Tupac man Hologram, Snoop!