by JoxMcRox

I tell ya, McChrimbo in Lapland’s a very strange place, indeed! Especially if your’e a Reindeer because they have a particularly fond taste for the hallucinogenic shrooms, Fly Agaric. They eagerly root out and munch down the shrooms then they start trippin’ out and getting down, in touch with their Great inner Reindeer spirit!

Of course, McRox has personal experience of this ritual. After a mcmental gig, bangin’ out the toons for the Swami Shamen at a Lapland rave many moons ago, I drank the urine of a Reindeer under the hallucinogenic influence. Then I experienced ultra heightened sense’s and entered a trance with visions of myself flying through the northern lights.

So, perhaps the fat man riding an air born sleigh pulled by Reindeer was actually originally Scottish? What do ya reckon, Rudolph?
After all, the greatest Xmas myth began after a fat Scottish DJ drank trippy Reindeer piss and went on to become the modern McChristmas legend that is, Father McMental!

GO McMental!

Fly Agaric? Om nom nom. Jox and Reindeer love munching those shrooms!

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