McLethal Drivel

by JoxMcRox

I’m from the McStreet – ya get me? But the Old Skool McStreet, cos the lingo these days has taken a trip down Drivel St – Believe! Check out young gun UK Grime star, Lethal McBizzle, talkin’ the talk on his Youtube video Blog about the wee Ndubz lassie Tulisa’s, sex tape. (Warning kids this is McNSFW!)
Anyway, check it out and I’ll think you agree, McBizzle’s bang on the money with his take on things, even if he is bang on the Bugga sugar!
Aye, I needed to get a Street Translator to explain the Dench new words, twooootwooooos, yeah, ya get me, before I understood what he was talking about, but once ya tune into the McBizzle schizzle, you realise it ain’t all Drivel!
Mind you, no bad thing having a sex tape Online look what it did for wee Paris Hilton’s career, but saying that I do feel a bit guilty cos poor old Tulisa did have the hots for McRox, but I’m a married man you know, so she only ended up with that geezer, cos I knocked her back!
Leave it Yeah!

The stench is Dench of McBizzle’s drivel on Tulisa’s tape!