by JoxMcRox

When wee Farris Badwan, main man of post-punk indie groove band The Horrors, was looking to get a video made for his new single Changing the Rain, he came to me and asked for my advice on creative treatments. Now, seeing as I’ve had an animated series made about my life, which was a smash hit internet sensation called, ‘In the Box with Jox McRox’ I recommended he go down the animated route for the visuals on his new track.
Anyway, he thinks this is a cracking idea, but he does nae know any animators, so I think for all of one second and tell him Pete ‘Monsterism’ Fowler is the man for the job. Judging by the wacked out trippy video he produced I was nae wrong! Check the flying Horrors heads shooting through psychedelic space like a mighty tribe of Tony Harrison Boosh faces!
Go McMental!

Farris Badwan takes top toon on techno trip through space!