McNu-Old Skool UK Garage

by JoxMcRox

For all the youngsters growing up to the sounds of Caspa Dubstep, Benga, Skream and crew, right about now with a mix-and-blend go tell a friend – there’s a young MC called Majestic biggin’ up the old skool!
This poor wee laddy was stuck at home watching PJ & Duncan in Byker Grove, cos he was too young to be out ravin’ with likes of Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont, DJ EZ and all the rest of the UK Garage crew back in the day.
Of course, I’m old enough and was lucky enough to be blazing a trail through the scene at it’s pinnacle, spinning the dub-plate pressure on pirate radio Chicago 90.6, producin’ and remixin’ garage beats, as well as mashin’ up countless warehouse parties with my own style of block rockin’ beats!
So big respect to the young laddy MC Majestic for creating this banger track ‘Lets Go Back’, paying homage to the glory days of UK Garage and making a sick retro video to go with it, even if he did have to record over his prize collection of Byker Grove VHS cassettes, to make it!

Bad man MC Majestic rippin up a lyrical storm on Let’s go back!