McOld Skool Alkan

by JoxMcRox

The mp3-laptop DJ’s of the modern era think that CD-DJ’s are Old Skool, so I dunnae know what they think of this McWicked Vinyl picture disc, cunningly disguised as a CD! Its gottae send them to a land of confusion, but nothing brings me more pleasure than flippin’ out a lovely platter of vinyl, and spinnin’ it on the Mc1′s & 2′s, but when the beats and bleeps on the dub plate are mixed by the combined talents of wee Erol Alkan, Boys Noize and the original rave pilot himself, Justin Robertson, then the pleasure is McTripled! I love these rave boyz noize cos I can hear my production and DJ influence running deep through the beats, and I’m proud to be the granddaddy DJ of these young-guns done good! Och man, I’m so Old Skool I make Oakey Cokey look like a wee bairn!

Erol & BoysNoize  McBangin dem beats & Justin McTwiddling the knobs !