McPirate MC T-WOG

by JoxMcRox

All the best DJ’s have served their time on the pirate radio stations, myself included. I rocked the m.i.c on 90.6 Chicago FM spinnin dub plates in the 90′s, spittin ‘ rhymes over UK garage beats. I was Reachin’ out to all crew North,East,South & West with shout out’s and dedi’s, representing the raving massive, playing McMentral beats – everytime! So it’s no surprise that ma main man Terry Wogan likes to get down and dirty with the pirates as well! Check the T-WOG’s skillz biggin’ up the 860 crew and the Casper C – I see you bruv!
Go McMental!

MC T-WOG droppin’ the bass!

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  1. Difficult D
    22 March 12, 3:18pm

    haha! Luv it bruv, gotta have more of the T-WOG :) 4Real!

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