McScreaming Mad Skrillex

by JoxMcRox

We know everybody loves the dulcet tones of young gun Dub Step producer Skrillex, I sometimes spin a Skrill track to get ma wee bairns off to kip of a night, and me and the Mrs often chill to the sounds of the Skrill man, but hats of to the @saladUK crew for this Mclolz Remix, cos it’s proper McMental I tell thee!
In fact, when the young Skrillex was coming up through DJ ranks I mentored him on the future sound of dance, and told him about the grime & Dub step scene UK side, and he started producing beats to match this underground scene – his career has not looked back since!
But shame to see it looks like there are some folk who cannae name 10 things that aren’t Skillex, and cannae handle the bad ass beats that the Skrillster makes!
Go McMental!

McBet you can’t name 10 things that aren’t Skrillex – GO!