McSexy football!

by JoxMcRox

Now when me old dreadlock, footie pal Ruud Gullit coined the phrase ‘sexy football’ back in the 90′s, he could have had no idea that this off the cuff comment could actually become reality. I discovered this amazing fact when I was playing McFIFA 2012 on my Playstation, cos I’ve got McSuper thumbs on the controller I reached McSuper Pro level, and when I got there I couldn’t believe my eyes when the striker scored a goal in the net, but then scored with the player marking him!

Of course we’re used to seeing a bit of homoerotic hugs’n'cuddles during a goal celebration, but this was full on tongues I tell thee!
I was a bit taken aback at first, but when I found out the games developer who created this level was none other than Joe Goddard from Hot Chip, it all made sense! Cos that’s a fella who is in touch with his Mcfeminine side for real and will not deny his heart, for anybody!
So next time you bang one in the back of the net playing Sunday league, go give your opposite number a big kiss on the lips!

Back of the net! Hot Chip’s McSexy Football puts the gay into Gaming!