McShufflin’ Removed

by JoxMcRox

When Redfoo & Skyblu first emailed me the demo mp3 for their track Party Rock Anthem, I laughed my feckin’ arse off, I replied and wrote, ‘Party Rock Anthem? LMFAO! I could Remix this and make it a McMental Party Anthem!’
Well, as it happened they did nae have a name for their new band, so they took inspiration from what I wrote in my email title to them, and so LMFAO was born. McGenius.
But I’m just glad that I can spread a little love, and use my creative brain to help young gun producers make their mark on dance music today, especially the yanks these days trying to buzz up EDM, what ever the feck that is? McLolz.
Anyway, I decided to Remix the Party Rock Anthem, and add some old skool Scottish Shufflin’, I think you’ll agree when the EDM Shufflin’ is removed, the track becomes proper McMental, I tell thee!

EDM McShufflin’ removed makes Redfoo & Skyblu dancing go McMental!