by JoxMcRox

McSLYD pic
I love a bit of spring time snow, it reminds me of back home in the Highlands, burnin’ ma way to an Easter gig through a blizzard. But as I’m now living south, in Old McLondon town, it warms ma heart to feel the freezin’ flakes a flyin’ through the capital. Also makes me laugh to hear these soft sassenachs moanin’ aboot the weather, and slippin’ and a’Slydin through the slush. Cos’ they don’t know the old Highland tricks to keepin’ warm, so I’ll share one with you, ma treasured readers.
When you feel the cold a creepin’ on, get ya cans on ya ears and whip out your mp3 player and press play on a McBangin’ toon. Now, this is just the track to strike up the mp3 McMayhem in ya cranium, SLYD from THR!!!ER by the McMental chkchkchkmusic crew. So don’t freeze ya knackers off for no reason, slyd this bangin McBeauty on ya playlist, and GO McMENTAL!!!

McSLYDin’ in the F!!!kin’ snow Warps the McCold into McHeat!!!