McTrippin’ out to Acid 8000

by JoxMcRox


When the cold weather hits and snow lays all about on the these cold January days, it reminds me of old skool times of up in the Highlands. Sometimes, during mammoth studio sessions remixing and producing party bangers the weather would turn nasty outside, but I would nay have a clue tucked away in my sound proof box.
Well, during one of these sessions I was teaching a young gun DJ by the name of Fatboy Slim a few tricks of the trade about producing mcmental beats.
Anyway, we were just finishing up the session when we went to leave the studio but the door would nae budge cos of the snow piled high outside. Now when I was snow bound in the studio I used to brew up a Cuppa of Magic Mushroom soup, fire up the trusty 808 drum machine and start twiddlin’ the knobs making squelchy acid beats, and ride out the storm.
Now, wee Quentin, as we used to call him back then, had nae tried his hand at the 808 at this stage, but under the influence of the magic mushroom cuppa soup and my expert tutelage of the 808 I let him twiddle away.
That snowstorm was one of the fiercest in living memory and I brewed my shroom soup mighty strong, so when the beats started we did nae stop and kept the beats flowin’. The next thing I know I looked at the date on the computer and we had been making the track for 5 days! Now 5 days was 133 hours, which meant we were trippin’ out for 8000 minutes, so we called the track Acid 8000 – a fact that is history.
So, now when the snow falls I always reminded of cuppa shroom soup, Acid 8000 and wee @FatboySlim!
GO McMental!

Snowbound in the studio for 5 days on shroom cuppa soup and a 808 = Acid 8000!