Mr McOzil – Flat Mesut

by JoxMcRox

The Euro Footie championships 2012 are well underway now, and only one player combines the dual talents of DJ producer and rampaging Midfield General – thats Germany’s finest Mr Ozil. Known as Flat Mesut to his fans, this laddy has got mad skillz in the studio producing bangin house tracks by night, then pulling on a footie shirt in the day to boss the midfield, and support the attack with thrusting runs, playing for the German national team.
Infact, when wee Mesut was a young laddy he used to come to ma gigs cos he respected McRox’s own ability in the DJ & Penalty box, and asked me if he thought he too could emulate ma greatness. Well, I saw from an early age that McOzil could go on to become a future great and carry the baton for footie mad DJ’s into the future and told him to go for it. So you too, should support Flat Mesut McOzil in the Euro’s and keep him going totally McMental!
Go McMental!

Young Flat Mesut McOzil going totally McMental!