One Pound Fish McPunjabi Remix

by JoxMcRox

Hold tight to ya Bombay Ducks! The legendary Fish market trader from Queens Market, London E13, gets a McPunjabi Remix of his classic toon – £1 Pound Fish! Admittedly during this particular performance he was nae selling too much fish, but then again foot fall was slow and he was playing to the camera – a fine performance I think ya’l agree. But believe me when he normally cracks out that toon, the ladies cannae resist the sounds of £1 Pound fish, and lets just say a lot of geezers in the East End get a fish supper more than they’d expect! Man like him’s – shipping fish fast – BELIEVE!
Anywayz, when he messaged me on Youtube, and asked if I had some studio time to cut him a slice of a McBombay Duck Remix, I said a massive yes straight away. Ya see, he needs a mix for the young DENCH generation which I’m down with, so I could nae resist the request, and mashed him up this little McBeauty for him!
Go McMental!

Check out the McPunjabi Bombay Duck McRemix of £1 Fish!