Riz Mc in da McGhetto

by JoxMcRox

When you been kicking around the ends of east London as long as McRox, then you know a thing or two about the McGhetto. Shoreditch is currently awash with Nathan Barley wannabees, but I’ve been mixing it up and orchestrating music at Strongroom studios on Curtain Road since the 80′s! Mind you, back then it was a deserted industrial area, with only a few McStrip bars for entertainment. Nowadays, much to the annoyance of the Riz Mc it’s no longer a ghetto, but packed full of trendy shops selling organic water and lame designer threads.
So, one night in the boozer when Riz was banging on about how his neighborhood had changed beyond all recognition, I said ‘quit moaning to me Riz, and do what you do best, write a wee rap and vent ya frustration spittin’ mad rhymes!’ Well he looked at me and said ‘spot on Jox, you’re right!’ and off he popped to the lab to knock up this awesome track, All in da Ghetto.
I’m McLovin’ the animated video he’s cooked up to promo the toon, totally mcmental I tell thee!

Mc Riz spittin mad bars on All in da Ghetto – proper McMental!