Seth McTroxler Mashup

by JoxMcRox

You gotta check out this wicked mashup of Seth McTroxler, it’s made by Jake Benson and its totally McMental! Seth’s a new young gun DJ on the scene who’s rising up the DJ Ranking Charts fast, and judging by the cut of his jib he’s the gayest heterosexual DJ in Miami!
Now a lot of detractors say he might have a wacky personona, but his DJ sets are whack bland, unoffensive beige tech house. It may be true he could have played the odd dodgy set here and there, and I’m always first to say you gotta keep ya toons McMental everytime, but give the wee laddy a bit of slack cos it took me years to become the McMental Behemoth that I am today, and given the right direction and guidance I believe McTroxler could have a proper McMental DJ career, so I suggest wee Seth drops me a line and I’ll take him under my wing.
After all he says all the cool people are in London, and that’s where you gotta be, and that’s were McRox and McMental are!

Seth McTroxler gets a McMental mash up!