The life and times of JMc
Discover the rich and chequered history of Jox McRox, ‘cos Jox is proper Old Skool!
Legend has it he was born in 1543 AD the 4th son of Highlander Chief McRox, under the Shadow of Mount McRox.

Raised by his mother Morag, her youngest son became a champion piper, before marrying Mary McMental, from the neighbouring Clan McMental. However, due to his is freakishly long life, he outlived them all and was forced to go walk about, to find his true calling in life.

Allegedly, he is the only remaining Highlander : Immortal….

For the next recorded sighting of JMc in his homeland, was on the tough streets of south Govan, after a rave called ‘The Gathering’, in 1988. Supposedly a sword fight took place, and after the decapitation of DJ Connor MacCleod, a great Quickening erupted in a maelstrom around Jox, and from that moment he quickly rose through the DJ ranks.

First by making McBangin’ mix tapes to play on the boom box, whilst they drank Buckfast and break danced in the town squares. Before making waves as an early deck pioneer, at the blossoming acid house clubs on the underground Glasgow warehouse rave scene.

Moving on he graduated with distinction from the Merry Hill Skool of Hard Knox, establishing his own firm of security door men and promoting successful parties and club nights throughout Scotland, and far beyond her shores. Throughout the 90′s his meteoric popularity exploded until the zenith of his McSuperstar DJ-dom peaked at the millennium. Since those heady days his star has waned and the gigs have dried up to a trickle, but the old dog has learnt new tricks and is now planning a triumphant return,

So McWatch this space, and prepare to GO McMENTAL!